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Meditation is an age-old technique for quieting the mind and helping us to know and understand ourselves. From a spiritual standpoint, it is a way of allowing the inner self to grow, of getting in touch with our spiritual essence, and spending time with the real us. We do indeed often find relaxation with meditation, but it more importantly a tool to help us look at ourselves and help us grow spiritually. In this process, it can and does help us heal ourselves.

The benefits of meditation are many and have been validated scientifically. By calming and strengthening the mind and body, it enhances our psychological and emotional health. Meditation helps reduce anxiety and stress and also helps us release certain blocks or stresses in our system. Also, many people experience improvements in their physical health and in the prevention and treatment of specific illnesses.

There are many different techniques of meditation. Most of them basically involve relaxing and “letting go”. Some methods use easily focusing the attention somewhere such as on a word or sound (mantra) or simply “following the breath”. The process I teach is a simple meditation process that involves relaxing and at times using the breath or specific body areas as focal points. It is very free-flowing without a lot of rules or regulations on what it looks like. The point is not some state of perpetual bliss or quest for enlightenment, but rather to simply be with what “is”. We practice allowing internal guidance of the process, cultivating trust in our inner spiritual selves to lead us toward healing. This connection with our inner self is then our pathway to connecting to the larger guidance of what is outside of us.

Meditation is a simple practice which anyone can learn. Sometimes we can get frustrated with attempts at meditation, finding that our minds are very active and have difficulty quieting. This is completely normal. Our brains are born to chatter; they will continue to do so. We need not wrestle with ourselves trying to stop it. By gently returning our attention over and over to something other than the mind, we become quieter inside and less affected by the chattering of the brain.

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