We Accept Insurance

We accept most major insurances in the Tennessee area, such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Health Care, Cigna, Medicare, and more. We do not currently accept TennCare/Medicaid or Aetna.


Because of our unique approach as an Integrative/Holistic Center, our patients pay a small Monthly Membership Fee of $29/month. You are under no obligation to join. The Monthly Fee is established if you wish to continue with us after the first 90 days from your initial visit. This fee helps cover our administrative costs and allows us to deliver the level of care our patients deserve. In this way all our patients collectively support the practice, allowing us to maintain a higher level of care. For many years our practice stayed outside the insurance networks. We have always believed that spending adequate and quality time with our patients is the only way to get to know you and your issues in depth and truly be able to serve you. A standard primary care practice has to see generally 30-40 patients or more per day in order to keep their doors open, based on what insurance reimbursement pays. This is more patients per day than can adequately receive real care in our opinion. It results in the standard 5-7 minute medical visit, to which so many patients are subjected, and that is deservedly hated by both patients and practitioners alike. We cannot possibly provide you with adequate care in that amount of time.

We only see 12-18 patients per day. That takes up the full day for us, because we spend much more time with you. Unfortunately, if insurance were the only source of payment, then 12-18 patients per day would not allow us to keep the doors open, so the Monthly Membership enables us to do that.

We feel we are a great value. Most Integrative/Holistic Centers do not take any form of insurance, and the cash cost is 2-5X higher than our plans. Concierge allopathic practices are 5-10X higher, usually in the range of $1500-3000/year. The only type of practice more affordable than ours is the standard primary care model with 5-7 minute visits, little to no holistic care, and long hours in the waiting room.

 There are discounted fees for Couples/Partners, Family Plans, and a discounted Annual Payment Option.

New patients will also have a one-time Initial Fee of $299 (which includes first 3-months of Membership). It is only assessed again if the Monthly Membership lapses.

Please note: These Fees are Administrative and do not cover any medical or health services.

Further Benefits of Membership

Customized, Tailored Holistic Healthcare for You

Everyone is different! We spend the time required to get to know your health and life in depth so that we can customize a plan that works for you.

No Long Waits

We do not double-book. We value your time. It’s just as important as ours. No one likes waiting for hours in a crowded waiting room, and that won’t happen to you at NIM. You will be seen at the time of your appointment. On rare occasions, we can run 5-15 minutes late, but it is indeed rare. For that reason, it is very important to show up no later than your appointment time and show up 15 minutes early for a new patient initial appointment. We will end an appointment at the time of the next person’s appointment, because we want you to receive your full allotment of time!

The Membership Fee also provides you with a state-of-the-art online connection portal to our practice that will allow you to:

  • Communicate easily with our office staff
  • Access portions of your medical records any time you wish
  • View your labs
  • Have optional direct video telemedicine visits with the doctor for follow-up appointments (now covered by insurance!)
  • View and download educational and support materials

Costs of Options

  • Initial Fee $299 (only at first visit). This is due at the first full visit and allows us the time and capacity to provide you a complete, tailored and thorough assessment. It also includes the first 3 months of Membership, so that you have plenty of time to decide if you wish to continue with a regular Monthly Membership. As above, note that this is an Administrative Fee and does not cover the cost of the visit. That would be covered according to your insurance plan.
  • Individual Plan: $29/month
  • Optional Annual Lump Payment (in lieu of Monthly Plan): $325 for Individual and $430 for Couples/Partners
  • Family Plans:
    • There is a discount for partner/spouse. Total Monthly Payment for both together is $40/month
    • Initial Fee for Partner is discounted to $199 as well
    • Dependent children from ages 15-25 can be added for $5/month each
  • For Non-insured Patients
    • Initial Fee is lowered to $199
    • Initial Visit is $250 + cost of the labs (heavily discounted through the lab by approximately 80-90%)
    • Follow-up Visits are by time spent, at a rate of $75 per 15 minute increments, pro-rated, with a minimum cost of $75

Instead of a Complete Initial Visit and the Initial Fee, you may wish to first have a 20-minute Consult.

A Consult visit provides you a chance to discuss your situation, assess our practice and see if it is a ”fit” for you, and to receive solid feedback from us on how we might approach your situation. Please be aware: this visit does not result in treatment recommendations, labs or work-up.   If you choose after the consult to schedule a complete visit to proceed with your care, then the Initial Fee would be due at that next visit. The fee for this visit is according to your insurance plan.

Is there a time commitment on the Monthly Membership?

No.  You are free to cancel at any time. Be aware, however, that if someone cancels their Monthly Membership then the Initial Fee will again be required to restart.

To make an appointment or for more information, call the office at 615-385-7001.

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