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Manual Ligament Therapy (MLT) is an advanced treatment using the gentle manipulation of ligaments to restore the nervous system to a relaxed state, in turn reducing pain and dysfunction. Very fast-acting and pain-free, when MLT is combined with gentle dynamic stretching (Active Isolated Stretching), movement re-education, and postural strengthening, the body can recover in a fraction of the time it normally takes with conventional physical rehabilitation.


MLT can help virtually anyone in pain. Post-surgical and post-injury pain are very commonly highly responsive. Everyday pain such as common back ailments are also very amenable to help with MLT. There are also certain types of pain situations that are especially amenable.

    Conditions such as knee pain, back pain, plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain, and even ruptured ligaments and tendons.Our roster of patients both past and present includes players from the NFL, the world of Mixed Martial Arts, professional golfers, Olympic swimmers and divers, and international elite-level triathletes and marathoners including 2016 Ironman world champion Larissa Rabago (18-24 category). The reality is that sports injuries are often mistreated. Even the complete rupture of a ligament does not necessarily require surgery. We have rehabilitated numerous athletes in a short time who have suffered ruptured ligaments such as ACL tears and even multi-ligament tears occurring at the same time of injury.
    As with athletics, pain issues that interfere with musical performance are not just issues of discomfort, they are issues of professional careers. Musicians often suffer from repetitive use injuries over time, where fingers and hands continually press and pound on pianos, guitars, and drums. Joints of wrists, elbows, and shoulders often develop issues from repetitive bowing motions of stringed instruments. Backs are often involved if constant leaning or posture issues are involved such as upright bass.MLT has demonstrated phenomenal success in these situations.


Ligaments, and there are over 900 in the body, are very sensitive to all kinds of movement and stresses such as environmental (Gravity), physical, and emotional. In some research studies, ligaments have been shown to have many times more sensitivity than our skin!

With this sensitivity, ligaments are able to coordinate all the contractions and de-contractions necessary to provide us with the movements of our body and its systems. When they are stressed through injury at physical or even emotional levels, the ligaments direct our nervous system to contract areas of our bodies to protect the vital organs as well as the site of an injury.

This is a great thing in the first few days after injury, but unfortunately, because ligaments have very low blood supply, they do not heal well and often remain in a state of stress, thereby continuing to tell the nervous system to protect the body. This is where the difficulties start to compound and our bodies begin to suffer pain, spasm, and systemic problems as it tries to find balance under stress.

Getting to the source

MLT directly interacts with ligaments in a very gentle and non-invasive way. Using very light finger pressure on certain ligaments throughout the body, MLT is able to correct the cycle of stress and contraction-inducing signals the ligaments are sending to the nervous system. The effect only takes just a few seconds but the outcome can be dramatic. This is because instead of focusing on the muscles which are only doing what the ligaments are influencing, MLT focuses on the source of what the problem was to begin with, the sensitive and influential nature of the ligaments.


Not necessarily. Most body pain situations can be greatly helped by MLT, but the mindset of the individual is also very important. Just as the ligament system and central nervous system are in a constant feedback loop “conversation”, so our emotional/mental stress system and our lifestyles play an integral role in pain. Taking full responsibility for these aspects of our lives and how they affect and influence our pain is an essential component of the success of any bodywork pain approach.


MLT sessions with a certified practitioner are $190 for a 75-minute session.


MLT Founder

Arik Warren GohlArik Warren Gohl has been a clinical manual therapist since 1999. In the years since graduating, he has developed numerous clinical practices and curriculums for Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, and Chiropractors.

In the past 12 years, Arik has become well known for creating a new type of treatment called Manual Ligament Therapy (MLT) and has been endorsed by some of the most respected researchers and doctors in the world.

In his time as a therapist, Arik has continued to seek new and more effective ways to treat difficult conditions with an advanced combination of modalities including dynamic stretching, movement re-education, and manual therapies. As a result, his protocols can often resolve both simple and difficult conditions in a fraction of the time it would normally take in conventional physical rehabilitation.

He has developed an international reputation as a renowned clinician for those suffering from all levels of symptoms, as well as being respected as an educator of advanced subject matter such as neuro-ligament sciences.

Currently Arik owns a Physical Therapy clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico which has become the “go-to” clinic for patients of all varieties as well as some of the best athletes in the country.

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