“Highly Recommend” From David M.

“I suffered from PTSD, had devastating chronic daily headaches and lost 30 pounds…I saw approximately 15 types of doctors, ranging from neurologists to psychologists to psychiatrists. Not one of them was of any benefit to me.

I believe that Dr. Forbes, by using the PEER method of therapy, could heal virtually anyone who is suffering from severe emotional/psychological challenges. He is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best doctor I have seen in my entire life. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to him, and actually have referred several people. The transformation that he has affected in my life is miraculous to me. I feel that I am a whole, psychologically healthy, content person, who is, because of him, prepared to face whatever challenges life may send my way. I would highly recommend him to any person facing life altering issues. You owe it to yourself, your family, and anyone with whom you have a relationship.”

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“Pleasant Experience” From Teri R.

“I want to thank you for making my office visits such a pleasant experience. I especially appreciate the way my time is respected. I have never waited more than a couple of minutes before being seen and then I am treated respectfully. In the past, under the care of other physicians, I have felt like a number going through a system that lacked any real communication or concern about my experience. It’s so nice to feel like I have been seen and heard.

I truly feel that you work WITH me. You make it known that my input and experience is important to you. It is so refreshing to feel like you are interested in finding the best solution to the reason for my visit. And…you are knowledgeable.

I have never looked forward to a doctor’s appointment and it might be a stretch to say that now, but I can say that there is something very comforting about being under your care.”

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“Amazing Staff” from Bev C.

“Dr. Dave and the amazing staff he has assembled exemplify what really good health care/medical treatment can be.
Dr. Dave’s abiliity to put the patient at ease, listen and get to the core issue, always making me feel as if I am the only patient he has. Very rare and precious in today’s world.

Dr. Dave has saved my life twice by insisting on further medical testing which confirmed what he (must have) suspected. (Is he intuitive?) The early diagnoses where a true blessing and key to making the course of treatments easier.

I have all the information shared and suggestions made by Dr. Dave to be very helpful in treating my symptoms, getting to the root cause and improving my overall health.
The printed handouts are great home references, especially when not feeling well during the office visit. Just another tool for empowering good health and wellness.

Although I do not completely understand “PEER therapy” I am so grateful for amazing results with each session.

My hope is that very soon everyone will have access and availably to experience this quality, compassionate medical care.

I am so grateful to Dr. Dave for all he has done to restore my health and well being! The greatest gift we can posses is the blessings of good health and well being.”

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“Safe Alternatives” from Laura W.

“With the guidance of Dr. Forbes at NIM, I have been able to handle my health issues with herbal, natural and safe alternatives instead of the many prescriptions each month. I now feel better than I have in years, have more energy, and am more in tune with my body and mind. I love the fact that I can work with a doctor who genuinely has my best interests as a whole person at heart.”

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“Compassion & Professionalism” from Paul L.

“In today’s world it is extremely difficult to find a medical facility with the level of campassion and professionalism that I have found at Nashville Integrated Medicine.”

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“Wonderful” from Ann G.

“Wonderful doctor, wonderful staff, wonderful office…”

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“Life Transforming” from Carolyn K.

“My life has been transformed through my work with Dr. Forbes…His training as a PEER facilitator is a gift to the Nashville area…a gift that ranks second to his open and generous heart.”

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“Experience & Talent” from Jesse M.

“I had been searching for a physician like Dr. Forbes for many years, and I was beginning to think that that was an impossible goal; so I was delighted to find him. Now, after more than a year as a patient of Dr. Forbes, here’s what I know about him: he Listens to me with total concentration; he acknowledges me and responds to what I say; he is totally focused on me- not his last patient, not his next patient, or anything other than my reasons for being there. Communication with Dr. Forbes is always a two way process. He uses his considerable medical experience and talent, along with a wide range of alternative modalities, in a committed effort to improve my quality of life on every level; and he does it all with the utmost compassion and kindness. It’s a sad fact that physicians such as Dr. Forbes are rare in our society and in our city, so I’m very grateful that he decided to locate his practice in Nashville.”

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“Cutting-edge Professionals” from Kitt & Grant N.

Do yourself a big favor and discover cutting-edge, medical professionals who truly care about you as a person. Dr. David Forbes and his compassionate staff are holistic and outstanding. They use state-of-the-art technology in a traditional and comforting way while using proven alternative therapies. These devoted, kind and sincere doctors never exert pressure, and approach each patient as a significant, important person, while truly “listening” to every word uttered from their patients. We feel fortunate to have them as our Doctors. There will be no other doctors for our family. You will love all the medical staff at Forbes’ NIM.

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