J. David Forbes, MD
Past-President of the American Holistic Medical Association

Our Philosophy

Our medical approach to achieving wellness and good health is holistic and integrated. We utilize both mainstream medicine and appropriate alternative and complementary techniques. We cultivate an atmosphere of active listening, safety for emotional expression, and most importantly, time to fully explore the healing journey with you. Our goal is to nurture you toward wholeness, and to help you discover the tools to a healthier life.

With this understanding we provide a comprehensive approach to each patient, and we invite a patient’s own intuition and guidance with respect to treatment. The wisdom of one’s own body, mind and spirit is central to the healing process.

Dr. Forbes’ Services and Approach to Care:

  • We combine mainstream medicine and complementary/alternative medicine in a primary care setting, striving for the best of both worlds
  • We believe time spent with patients is the most important element in helping create sustainable healing and change
  • We focus strongly on Lifestyle Medicine and the Five Pillars of our health that we consider to be most important and lifechanging:
    • Relationship to Food/Nutrition
    • Exercise/Movement
    • Sleep/Rest
    • Stress Reduction
    • Connectedness to Self and Others
  • We treat most all basic primary care health issues, such as gastrointestinal disorders, endocrine issues, respiratory disorders, fatigue, anxiety, depression, hypertension, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, GYN hormonal issues, etc.

Emily Spring, PA

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 4.13.49 PMEmily brings to our practice an extensive and unique blend of holistic and mainstream approaches.  She is highly trained and skilled in a wide array of medical and healing skills including:

  • IPEC Core Energy LifeCoaching
  • Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
  • Healing Hands Approaches
  • Critical Care management in Intensive Care
  • Cardiothoracic surgical patient care
  • Medical work in Africa

Her history and training includes practicing in high level Academic Medical Centers such as the University of South Carolina and most recently, Vanderbilt.
Emily brings deep Heart and listening to her patient-centered care and a truly holistic and integrative approach to healing.  As a Physician’s Assistant (a high level of training), she is able to manage and treat just as Dr. Forbes and employs the same approaches to care.  With her LifeCoaching Skills she will also add an entirely new dimension to our practice.  We are ecstatic to have her and feel lucky she chose us!
Emily will be sees patients in the practice just as Dr. Forbes does.  They will also share duties cross-covering for one another’s patients.



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